The Role of the MNRF

When falconry related regulations and policies are being developed, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) consults with stakeholders, including the Ontario Hawking Club.

The MNRF’s falconry page, which includes falconry licensing requirements and rules, can be found here.

Contact information for MNRF District Offices can be found here.

Falconry in Ontario is regulated under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act (FWCA).  The specific Regulations under the FWCA that speak to falconry include:

A summary of hunting regulations (including falconry related regulations) can be found in the current version of the Annual Hunting Regulations Summary.

In Ontario,  hunting regulations are administered and enforced by the  MNRF . Falconry is the hunting of wild quarry with a trained raptor and in order to hunt with a bird of prey, you must have a hunting license. To get a hunting license, you must take a hunter safety course, also known as the Gun Hunter Safety course. Your local MNRF office will provide you with information on courses that are offered in your area.

However, the hunting of migratory birds is controlled by the federal government.  The Canadian Wildlife Service contact information can be found here.

It is not the role of the MNRF to find sponsors for aspiring falconers but they will occasionally refer individuals interested in becoming falconers to the OHC. The  OHC’s Falconry Apprenticeship Guidelines  are recognized as meeting Provincial apprenticeship licencing requirements.

The OHC works closely with the MNRF to develop the regulations and policies that govern the practice of falconry and to educate MNRF field staff about our sport.