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If you are interested in becoming a falconer or if you are looking for a sponsor, please read the information under ‘Getting Started‘  thoroughly before contacting us.

 The OHC does not provide any membership information to non-Club members, nor do we supply a list of sponsors to email inquiries. 

 Inquires regarding joining the OHC: 

 Membership Secretary: Shawn Rypstra

 General Inquiries:

 Board of Directors:

 President: Louise Engel

Vice-President: Simon Etherington 

 Secretary: Sandra Davey


Dion Thompson
Gary Selinger
Jim Wilson
Ken Roczniak

 Past President: Martin Geleynse


 mailing address:

 Ontario Hawking Club, c/o 1118 Effingham Rd,  Fenwick, Ontario  L0S 1C0