2016 Field Meet – London


The Annual Field Meet will be held from Nov 18-20 in London, Ontario. The London area has lots of cottontails, some European hare, ducks, and good numbers of crows. Our keynote speaker will be American falconer Joe Atkinson. Please see below for his biography. Joe’s wife, Cordi, will give a presentation on Friday evening about their work with the Philippine eagle.

The Meet is open to all OHC members in good standing and is an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends, make some new ones and get out into the field hunting with your fellow falconers

Members must pre-register on-line. Registration opens on September 15 and closes on November 8. The registration link will be emailed to all members in good standing but is not posted on the website. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, so please do not delay. Unfortunately, late registrations and registration at the meet cannot be accepted. We use PayPal to process payments, but you do not need a PayPal account– you can just use your credit or debit card.  Cancellation policy: If cancellations are made more than 48 hours prior to the event, we will refund you fully. If you cancel less than 48 hours before the event, no refund will be issued.

If you are not an OHC member but have an interest in attending the Field Meet, please contact secretary@ontariohawkingclub.org.

Thursday November 17

The field meet will kick off on Thursday Nov 17 in the evening with a social gathering at the restaurant at the field meet hotel. There is no formal program for Thursday evening but this is a chance to re-connect with friends and make plans for the weekend.

rabbit_curbFriday November 18
As usual, the hawking starts Friday morning and runs through Saturday and Sunday. There will be a full program for Friday evening.

Falconry Marketplace  6-10 pm
If you make or sell falconry equipment, supplies, art, hawk food, breed raptors or have a business related to falconry, then we hope you will set up a table to sell your goods. Items for sale could include gloves, leashes, bells, perches, hoods, giant hoods, hawk food and vitamins, clothing etc.

Captive breeders who are selling birds may also wish to set up a table providing contact information, pictures, artwork, video, and perhaps a bird for display purposes.
There is no charge  to club members for tables. The Marketplace will run from 4pm-8pm on Friday evening. There will be a program and speakers from 8:00 pm-9:30 pm but vendors can re-open their tables after 9:30 pm, if they wish. If you are interested in having a vendor table, contact Aaron Putnins at: aaron.putnins@gmail.com

“Late Night with Jay Leno” / Q & A Interviews with Falconers. 8-9:30 pm
Everything you always wanted to know about falconry but were afraid to ask. We will have a talk-show format to the evening with  our guest speaker as well as a couple of OHC falconers being interviewed by our very own “Jay Leno”. Be prepared for a fun- and interesting- session.

Saturday November 19

The hawking starts on Saturday morning at 8:00am at the weathering yard. The group picture will be taken and then hunting groups will be organized.
From 12:00-1:30, there is a Buffet Lunch at the field meet hotel. Most people return for lunch ($15, paid for when you register for the Field Meet) but if we don’t see you for lunch then we’ll see you at the end of the day when you’re done in the field.
At  5:00 pm the cash bar opens and there is Raffle Prize drop-off at the hotel. Falconry and non-falconry items are equally welcome. The Banquet dinner commences at  6:00 pm with our Keynote Speaker and Raffle.

Sunday Nov 20
The hawking starts again on Sunday morning, with hunting groups meeting at 8:00am at the weathering yard. No lunch is planned and the Field Meet ends informally as people head home.


For Thursday night only, field meet hotel has set aside rooms at $89 (incl. hot breakfast) for OHC members. The special OHC room rate for Friday and Saturday night is $109.00. In order to take advantage of these rate, please mention the Ontario Hawking Club when you book and remember that the rooms MUST BE BOOKED BY OCTOBER 17st. Room availability is not guaranteed after this date and the hotel will sell out. Some rooms have been newly renovated and some have 2 beds per room but they are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Call 519-681-4900 or 1-800-303-3733.

The raffle is always a lot of fun and is a major source of revenue for the club. Please remember to bring an item for the raffle or silent auction, and help to make this year’s raffle another great success. Falconry and non-falconry items are equally welcome.

Overview of the Field Meet:
Thursday Nov 17
Social dinner in the field meet hotel restaurant

Friday Nov 18
Meet at the weathering yard, split into hunting groups for the day
6:00 – 10:00 pm
Marketplace at the field meet hotel; vendors of falconry supplies are welcome to display and sell their goods
Cash bar opens
8:00-9:30 pm
“Late Night with Jay Leno” / Q & A Interviews with our guest speaker and/or OHC falconers

Saturday Nov 19
8:00am – Meet at the weathering yard, group picture and then split into hunting groups
Buffet Lunch at field meet hotel. Lunch is $15 (including beverages, taxes and gratuities) paid for when you register for the Field Meet.
Raffle prize drop-off.
Cash bar opens
6:00-10:00 pm
Banquet, Keynote Speaker and Raffle

Sunday Nov 20
Meet at the weathering yard, split into hunting groups for the day.

No lunch is planned and the Field Meet ends informally as people head home.

Keynote Speaker: Joe Atkinson

In 1976 Joe Atkinson flew a Changeable Hawk Eagle on rabbits but he had always had a fascination with Golden Eagles. When he was presented with an opportunity to raise and train a Golden Eagle later that same year , he took it. In return, he allowed the eagle to be photographed.

Over the years, Joe has successfully flown and released many Golden Eagles which had been initially brought to him for rehabilitation.

Several years ago Joe and Cordi, his wife of 40 years, moved to the high desert of Oregon where they are currently working with six birds. In this wide open country, eagles can be flown to their maximum potential.

Joe and Cordi have enabled us all to better appreciate this incredible raptor by introducing new technically advanced methods of documenting the lives of Golden Eagles.

Within the falconry community the Atkinsons gained notoriety with the release of their video “Eagle Journal- the Movie”. The real star of the movie is Joe’s Golden Eagle ‘Jack Hammer’, who has been at his side for 15 years.

More recently, Joe and Cordi worked with Cornell Lab of Ornithology to provide Golden Eagle flights for the documentary “The Sage Brush Sea”.

Cordi, an internationally published photographer, is particularly proud of their efforts to record the plight of the very powerful and exotic Philippine Eagle. Joe trained and flew one of these beautiful birds for an upcoming documentary produced by Cornell Labs.  Philippine Eagles on are on the verge of extinction, with only 300 remaining in the wild. Together, Joe and Cordi hope to heighten awareness of this magnificent bird.

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