Annual Field Meet

In 2024, the annual Field Meet will be held in January in an area that has lots of cottontails, squirrels, ducks and good numbers of crows.

The Meet is open to all OHC members in good standing. Ontario falconers who wish to attend must be OHC members; licenced falconers from Quebec, Europe, the USA and around the world are always welcome.

This year, we look forward to welcoming Matthew Mullenix.

American falconer and author Matt Mullenix is probably best known for his book American Kestrels in Modern Falconry, which has helped popularize that species’ use in the sport since its 1997 release. Mullenix has published two other falconry-related titles (most recently, Four Falconry Fundamentals) and several falconry book chapters and articles over the course of his four decades in the sport.
A longtime resident of the US South (in Louisiana, Florida and Georgia), Mullenix cut his falconry teeth hawking gray squirrels and cottontails with passage Red-tailed Hawks before switching gears to chase small birds with a variety of common raptors, including American Kestrels, Merlins and male Harris’s Hawks. Mullenix describes his approach to falconry as “practical and utilitarian,” believing that mastery of the basics is a fair goal for any falconer, and that catching game is the foundation of any successful practice of the sport.
To that end, Mullenix has focused his most recent writing and creative efforts toward assembling a collection of unique interactive tools, based on his “Fundamentals” framework, that attempt to make the sport’s key skills and principles easier to understand and teach. To date, two of a planned set of five “Concept Cards” have been produced and are now available for purchase from the author and Wyoming-based retailer, Western Sporting.        

Members must pre-register online. Registration opens in November and closes one week prior to the event. The registration link will be emailed to Club members but it is not posted on the website.

If you are not an OHC member but have an interest in attending the Field Meet, please contact


As usual, the hawking starts Friday morning and runs through Saturday and Sunday. Friday evening is a chance to socialize, check out the marketplace and catch up with friends. 

Falconry Marketplace  7-8 pm
If you make or sell falconry equipment, supplies, art, hawk food, breed raptors or have a business related to falconry, then we hope you will set up a table to sell your goods. Items for sale could include gloves, leashes, perches, hoods, giant hoods, hawk food and vitamins, etc. The OHC will also have clothing and books available for sale. Bring cash or be prepared to etransfer your payment. There is no charge to club members for tables. If you are interested in having vendor table, contact 

Friday evening Roundtable 8-9 pm

Our guest speaker and several OHC members will host a roundtable discussion on flying micros in an urban environment. As more of us are seeing our rabbit and squirrel fields get developed, this will be an interesting discussion on possible future options for falconry in Ontario. 


The hawking starts on Saturday morning at 8:00 am at the weathering yard. The group picture will be taken at 8:00 am sharp and then hunting groups will be organized.
From 12:00-1:30, there is a Lunch at a location close to the field meet hotel. Most people return for lunch but if we don’t see you for lunch then we’ll see you at the end of the day when you’re done in the field.
At  5:00 pm the cash bar opens and there is Raffle Prize drop-off at the hotel. Falconry and non-falconry items are equally welcome – please plan to bring a donation for the raffle! The Banquet dinner commences at 6:00 pm sharp with our Keynote Speaker, followed by the Raffle.

The hawking starts again on Sunday morning, with hunting groups meeting at 9:00 am at the weathering yard. No lunch is planned and the Field Meet ends informally as people head home.



The raffle is always a lot of fun and is a major source of revenue for the club. Please remember to bring an item for the raffle and help to make this year’s raffle another great success. Falconry and non-falconry items are equally welcome.

Field Meet And Guest Speaker Sponsorship

We are grateful for the generous support of the Field Meet by Ambient Mechanical Ltd (, HVAC installer, Concord; and we thank Spring Creek Quail (, growers of quality hawk food, for sponsoring our guest speaker.