OHC Store- hats, books and more

The OHC has a small, but practical, list of great stuff with the OHC logo. Choose from quality baseball hats, t-shirts, mugs and decals.

OHC full logo

We also have a number of reference books that are essentials for any Ontario falconer. The Club buys these in bulk so you save on shipping fees.

All prices listed include all sales taxes but not shipping–at this time, we are not setup for shipping to your home. The idea is that you can pay for your ‘merch’ and goods on-line and pick them up at a Members’ Meeting, BBQ or Field Meet.


OHC Merch (3)

GQ model Rob Boyd showing off the latest in OHC fashion

OHC Decals- 2 for $5.00

OHC Coffee Mug $10.00 each

OHC T-shirts- forest green shirts with white OHC logo; please specify the size you need

Select size

Baseball hat- tan hat with black OHC logo  $20.00

Falconry Equipment book, by B. Kimsey and J. Hodge,  $35.00

Trapping Essentials book, by Ben Woodruff,  $30.00

The Passage Merlin book, by Jeremy Bradshaw, hardcover  $90.00